We offer solutions with high quality and innovative products to the industrial production, maintenance and product assembly.


Since 1980 we import and offer to the Greek market Industrial Adhesives and Sealants, Resins and Silicones for moulds, Resins for Electronics and Lighting, Special Lubricants and Air Sanders.

Our goal is to offer solutions to the Greek industries, so that they can become more competitive, by improving their product and their production process and reducing their cost. 


Our philosophy is to collaborate and import products from leading manufacturers who possess great know-how and experience in products and applications. Our principals are innovative companies who lead the technological developments of their field and invest in research and development. Through our principals and partners, we are constantly being informed about technological developments and participate in seminars on new products and new technologies.

We import products from leading and innovative manufacturers with great experience and knowledge.


Anaerobic Threadlockers Instructions for use

Permabond – Instructions for sealing and threadlocking bolts and blind holes.

Silicone mouldmaking

Silicone mouldmaking with brush on technik and polyourethane cell for supporting the silicone.