We import our products from the following manufacturers: Huntsman, Dow, Rampf, ITW Plexus, Permabond, Dynabrade, Electrolube

Huntsman® is one of the largest American Chemical Industries. We represent the Advanced Materials division, which arise from the acquisition with Ciba Specialty Chemicals. It is one of the largest and the first producers of epoxy resins in the world. The epoxy resins and hardeners produced are used for a wide range of applications, as raw material in flooring and in paints, as well as an end product in bonding applications, molds and composites. Its products are marketed under the trade names Araldite®, Aradur®, Renshape®. www.huntsman.com

Dow® is one of the largest chemical industries in the world. We import the DowSil® (formerly Dow Corning), Xiameter® silicones and Molykote Lubricants. Dow is one of the world’s first and largest silicone producers for a wide range of applications: Silicone Adhesives and Sealants, Silicone Oils, Silicones for Moldmaking. https://www.dow.com/en-us/transportation/solutions/molykote, https://consumer.dow.com/en-us.html

ITW Plexus is known all over the world for the production of high quality and strength Acrylic Adhesives that bond almost all plastic materials, metals and composites. Plexus Acrylic Adhesives have been used for many years in the most demanding applications in the production of cars, boats, wind turbines and many other products by replacing screws, rivets and thermal welding methods. http://itwplexus.co.uk/

Permabond has a history of 50 years in the development and production of industrial products for bonding and sealing. They produce Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Anaerobic Adhesives, UV Adhesives and 2-Component Adhesives. They have factories in America and Europe and offices around the world. http://www.permabond.com

Rampf is a German company specializing in the production of moldmaking materials. They produce epoxy and polyurethane resins for moldmaking as well as a wide range of synthetic boards. They are one of the leading companies in Europe in their field. http://www.rampf-gruppe.de

Dynabrade® is an American multinational company focused on the production of high quality Air Sanders for various industries. www.dynabrade.com

Our company is a member of DGE (Distributors Group Europe). This network is composed of distributors specialized in distributing chemicals and aims to improve the effectiveness of its members in terms of distribution, technical knowledge, pricing and access to products. www.dge-europe.com

The following companies are members of Distributors Group Europe.