Wide range of industrial adhesives and sealants that solve most bonding and sealing problems in product assembly, industry and construction.

We provide the technical help needed along with the appropriate product to solve the bonding problem you are facing.

We import our products from the leading manufacturers of their field. Our principals are Araldite, Dowsil (ex Dow Corning), Dow Automotive, ITW Plexus, Permabond.

Our adhesives are used in many applications in the metal and plastic industry, in the production of signs, in electrical appliances, in electronic components, in photovoltaic panels and solar water heaters, in wind turbines etc.

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    High Strength 2-Component Adhesives

    Epoxy, Methacrylate. High strength bonding for metals, plastics, glass, wood.

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    Elastic Adhesives and Sealants

    Silicone, Polyurethane, MS Polymer.

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    Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

    Instant bonding to a wide variety of materials like rubber, plastic, metal, fabric, stone etc.

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    Anaerobic Adhesives

    Theadlocking, retaining bearings, flange sealing, gasketing and sealing pipe work.

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    UV Adhesives

    Transparent adhesives for glass to glass, glass to metal and transparent plastics.