Anaerobic adhesives are single component adhesives that cure in the absence of air when they come in contact with metal surfaces. Their basic applications are:

  • Threadlocking bolts, screws and nuts
  • Retaining bearings
  • Gasketing and flange sealing
  • Pipe Sealing

They are designed to protect against corrosion. There is a wide range of products with different properties in order to meet the needs of each application.


Permabond A1042 – Anaerobic Threadlocker

  • Medium strength, locks and seals metal parts that subsequently may need to
    be dismantled for maintenance.
  • High vibration resistance

  • Rapid Cure
  • Colour: Blue
  • Service Temperature: -55 up to 150οC
  • Packaging: 50ml, 200ml

Permabond HH131 – Anaerobic Threadlocker

  • Very high strength, locks bolts, nuts and screws that require permanent assembly.
  • Resistant to high temperature, vibrations and chemicals.
  • Colour: Red
  • High Temperature Resistant: -55 up to 230οC
  • Packaging: 50ml, 200ml

Permabond MH052 – Anaerobic Threadsealant

  • Medium strength, locks and seals threaded joints and conical fittings and allows dismantling
  • High viscosity, covers gaps until thread M56, does not leak.

  • It is approved for use with gaseous oxygen (BAM), potable water (WRAS), natural gas and LPG (DVGW).
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Service Temperature: -55 up to 150οC
  • Packaging: 75ml, 200ml

Permabond HM162 – Anaerobic Retainer for cylindrical parts, bearings

  • Locks and seals cylindrical parts and bearings.
  • High strength, prevents loosening and leakage due to vibration and shock.
  • Colour: Green
  • High temperature resistance: -55 up to 200οC
  • Packaging: 50ml, 200ml

Permabond LH197 – Anaerobic Gasketmaker

  • It is designed for making “formed in situ” gaskets between metal surfaces.
  • Medium strength, highly flexible, can be dismantled with normal tools.
  • Low modulus, ideal for bonding dissimilar metals where differential thermal expansion and contraction could be an issue.
  • Colour: Green
  • Service Temperature: -55 up to 150οC
  • Packaging: 75ml, 300ml