Electrolube and Dow resins are used in the production of electronic and electrical devices in order to improve their operation, increase their lifetime and decrease reliability concerns and damages. They furthermore give design flexibility, and allow the reduction of their size.

  • They protect the various components of electrical and electronic devices from environmental conditions such as humidity, extreme temperatures and weathering.
  • They allow easy assembly and sealing with materials that have approvals for use in electronics devices.
  • They help to effectively dissipate the heat away from the component emitted during the operation of the devices.
  • They absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • They prevent the copy and the destruction of electronic circuits.
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    Encapsulation Resins

    Transparent, clear, white, black resins for encapsulation in different elasticities.

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    Thermal Pastes

    Pastes that do not cure and effectively dissipate the heat.

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    Conformal Coatings

    Conformal coatings for printed electronic circuits.